The Essence of
Realism in Portrait Art

Do you desire a painting that reflects the soul of a person or your pet? Are you captivated by the beauty of nature? Do you have old photographs in need of restoration? At Rembrantus, we offer you dedication and artistic commitment to provide exceptional quality artwork.

Renewal of Paintings


Rembratus is an exciting project dedicated to the art encompassing painting and photography. By merging digital technology with traditional techniques of figurative painting, we achieve exceptional results in the restoration and reconstruction of old or damaged photographs, transforming them into truly spectacular traditional painting pieces.

Classic Portrait

I’m specializing in portraits of people…

Pet Portraits

…also work with animals portraits…


…and nature or urban sketches

Our Latest Work


Portrait Commission Pricing as a guide, depending on the type of portrait, and the medium used, prices for creating single pieces can range from 180€ for studio sketches to 5.000€ for larger, complex works and group portraits.